Thursday, March 27, 2008


On Wednesday it rained, but it didn't really matter because we went to the aquarium. By the time we were finished in the aquarium it had quit raining. We really enjoyed the aquarium, especially Brandon, who loves fish. As we were walking around looking at the fish, he kept pointing at them and saying "fish, fish." This aquarium had something that I haven't seen in any other aquarium. There was a glass tunnel that we went through on a moving sidewalk. There were fish and sharks swimming all around us. There was one place on the glass that there were marks with a sign saying that the marks were from a shark attack on the tunnel, but that no one had been harmed. We thought that this was neat.

Here are some pictures of the kids at the aquarium.

D.J. and Jeremy standing in front of a waterfall in the aquarium.

Here is a stingray that we saw. Brandon loved the fish, but was scared of the stingrays.

These are some frogs that I thought were really pretty. I liked them until I found out that they are poisonous!

There was a hall that had some information things in it. Some of the things had wheels to turn. Brandon really liked turning them.
Brandon & Tricia looking at some fish.
D.J. enjoying the aquarium.

Jeremy touching a stingray!

D.J. touching a stingray. (Dan is holding it for him, so that he could touch it.)

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