Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas Cards (and other things)

If you don't have your Christmas cards yet, and are planning on getting picture ones done, check out my link for Vistaprint. We just ordered our cards through them. They are reasonably priced, you can put up to six pictures on your card, and you get black and white print on the back for free. However, you will probably want to do it soon because their cheapest shipping takes 3 weeks. So, the longer you wait, the more you will have to pay for shipping in order to get them in time for Christmas. They also have many other things, such as address labels, rubber stamps, business cards, notepads, mugs and many others. If you do decide to order through them, go through the link. Your order gets Jeremy $5 towards his school books. However, in order for him to be credited, you must use our link!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Doubting Thomas?

Last night for devotions we were reading about how Thomas didn't believe the other disciples that they had seen Jesus after He had died. We started reading, and when we said "Thomas", D.J. started laughing and said "Thomas?" Jeremy caught on first to what was happening. When D.J. had heard Thomas, he automatically thought of Thomas the Tank Engine and thought it was funny that Thomas was in his devotions. Jeremy quickly had to explain to D.J. that contrary to our boys' opinions, there are other Thomases in the world than Thomas the Tank Engine, and the one in our devotions was Thomas the Disciple, not the Tank Engine!

Fish Names

Thank you to all who gave suggestions for fish names. D.J. has decided on a name for his fish. He has gone with Gina's "Blue Angel". However, Brandon has not decided and is still open to suggestions. The best name that he has come up with is "Brandon's fishy." :)

Respect for the office

No, I did not vote for Barack Obama. Many things that he stands for I do not agree with. However, I believe that we are to give him the respect that the office of the Presidency requires. It is a Biblical command, and therefore our Christian duty. I believe that Mike Huckabee says it very well.

To alleviate some of the fears circulating about Obama, see:

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I thought that this was kinda cute. Some of you mothers may be able to relate. I know that sometimes I feel like the librarian! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fish Pictures

Here are pictures of the betta that we got. I took the divider out between them so that they would flare out some for the pictures.
We took the boys to the store, and let them pick out their own. The first one, red with a little purple, is Brandon's. The second one, blue with some red, is D.J.'s. They still have not come up with names for them. Does anyone have some suggestions?

An Update!

For those of you concerned because I have not updated, I will update. The same stuff as usual has been going on. There have been two new things.

The first new thing is that we have aquired two fish. We had fish for about a year, but they died about a year ago. D.J. has been bugging for new ones that whole year. So we went and got new ones. I will try to post pictures of them if I can get the pictures to turn out.

The other new thing is that Jeremy has been pretty sick with a cold. D.J. picked the cold up from him, and as it does so often, his cold turned into croup. We spent quite a bit of last night battling it. So, pray that D.J. and Jeremy get better, and that Brandon and I do not get it!