Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fish Pictures

Here are pictures of the betta that we got. I took the divider out between them so that they would flare out some for the pictures.
We took the boys to the store, and let them pick out their own. The first one, red with a little purple, is Brandon's. The second one, blue with some red, is D.J.'s. They still have not come up with names for them. Does anyone have some suggestions?


Larry/Sharon said...

I can't think of any suggestions for names. The fish do look pretty. I'm sure that the boys will come up with interesting names for them. I hope that D.J. doesn't have anymore trouble with croup. You and Brandon keep well. Tell Jeremy that the first year that you work in a school, you pick up everything that comes along. I speak frome experience. Mom

Dan & Gina said...

my sister had a red one and I think she named it Cupid also I looked up colors of red and Ginger, Garnett and Conroy. A wild name for DJ's could be Blue Angel, Hinto is Indian for Blue and Lilia. Just a couple of Ideas. HAHA

here's the website I went to

lauraliz said...

I like them. They have some really neat colors!

Bethany Fleming said...

cool...kids always love animals. I had one and named it spunky.

Caroline said...

Hey, they are princely looking fish & males! So name them after the two princes of England: William (Willie?) and Harry!

Perfect! LOL

Jim & Lolly Brewer said...

Very pretty colors. Lolly