Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An Update!

For those of you concerned because I have not updated, I will update. The same stuff as usual has been going on. There have been two new things.

The first new thing is that we have aquired two fish. We had fish for about a year, but they died about a year ago. D.J. has been bugging for new ones that whole year. So we went and got new ones. I will try to post pictures of them if I can get the pictures to turn out.

The other new thing is that Jeremy has been pretty sick with a cold. D.J. picked the cold up from him, and as it does so often, his cold turned into croup. We spent quite a bit of last night battling it. So, pray that D.J. and Jeremy get better, and that Brandon and I do not get it!

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Larry/Sharon said...

Thanks for the update. Just think you guys had trouble getting me to blog and now I bug you to update! Mom