Monday, July 14, 2008

Brandon at Two

He loves:

  • to tease people

  • to get a laugh out of anyone - if you laugh, he will do it all the more

  • books - reading them, and being read to

  • any kind of ball - basketball, baseball, football, etc.

  • his laptop

  • to talk on the telephone

  • to go down the slide, but is scared of swings

  • to climb

  • any animals, but especially doggies

  • to draw

  • to color

  • to count

  • to sing

  • to listen to music

  • to play church. At church before service, he gets a songbook and leads the singing, then a Bible and preaches. If I start playing the piano, he takes advantage of it as his offertory, grabs the offering plate and hands it to D.J. He must think that D.J. is his usher. :)

  • to wrestle with his daddy and brother

  • hugs and kisses

  • being praised

  • helping

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