Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Interior Decorators in the Making?

For my fall table decoration, I have a table runner, two fall bears, a candle and some leaves. Here is what it normally looks like.

However, my boys have decided that they are interior decorators. About every time I go to the dining room the decoration arrangement has been changed. I have caught both of the boys in the act of changing it. When asked what they were doing, they informed me that they were decorating. D.J. said that he thought that it was good decorating. Here are two of their arrangements. The first one is D.J.'s and the second one is Brandon's.


Sheri Brewer said...

Looks like you have two great interior decorators. I am sure that they will really have fun come Christmas.

Jim & Lolly Brewer said...

Must have gotten some of your genes. Where did the bears go in DJ's? Don't your love their creativity!! Lolly

Larry/Sharon said...

Wow! What talent your sons possess. I will have to engage their talents sometime. I thought that Brandons was quite cute the way that he spread the leaves around on the table and put the bears on the candle. mom