Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mom, Dad, Laura, and the Philadelphia Zoo!

My parents and my sister were able to come visit for a few days this week. On Tuesday we went to the Philadelphia zoo.

Here is Mom, Dad, and D.J. at the zoo.

The one building that we went in had information about some of the wild cats. They had the lights down very low, and Brandon (who is scared of the dark) started crying. I took him outside. I took this picture of him while we were waiting for the others to finish in the building.

Here is Mom and Brandon under the waterfall.

Dad and D.J. under the waterfall.

In the children's zoo, they have a petting zoo. Dad took D.J. in and D.J. showed Dad how to brush the goats.

After Dad and D.J. were done combing the goats, Mom bought some food, and helped D.J. feed the goats. D.J. tried it, but was a little nervous to try again after the goat licked his hand.

Laura and D.J. sitting in front of a tiger.

The tiger that they were sitting in front of. I zoomed in so that I could get a good picture of it. However, you didn't need to zoom in there. It really was quite close!

Laura running from the camera. All day we teased her about running from the lions. We got quite a few laughs out of this picture. :)

Dad, Mom, Laura and D.J. fascinated by the King Cobra.

D.J. and Brandon in front of the elephants.

On the way home, we hit quite a bit of traffic. It took us about an hour to get out of Philly.

All of the walking around the zoo tuckered everyone out. Here D.J. was sleeping, Laura was sleeping on the other side, and Brandon had just woken up.

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Anonymous said...

What fun we had! I didn't know that you got a picture of us with the king cobra.