Monday, June 9, 2008

Youth Convention

We had youth convention this past weekend. We had service at our church on Friday evening. Then on Saturday afternoon, we had games, followed by pizza, and ending with service at the Allentown church. Sunday morning, everyone had service at their own churches, and we ended out the weekend with service at the Northampton church on Sunday evening. We really enjoyed the weekend.

Here are some pictures of Saturday afternoon. Here are some of the kids playing basketball.

Here are some playing volleyball.

Here is D.J. playing soccer.

D.J. playing basketball.

Brandon playing basketball.

D.J. "fishing"

Brandon playing with his laptop.

Then there was D.J. and Brandon's highlight- sharks and minnows! They played with the big kids, and although there were some close calls, they did not get run over. :)

After all of his hard running in sharks and minnows, Brandon had to stop for a drink break!

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Larry & Sharon said...

Those boys sure played hard. It was so good to see you on Saturday. love mom