Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fun in the Snow!

On Monday we finally got enough snow to go out and play in. Before this, it had always been a dusting. So, the boys got all dressed up, went out and made snow angels and had a snowball fight. They had a lot of fun, and didn't want to come back inside! :)




Larry/Sharon said...

You should live up north where we have tons of snow!!!!! mom

Caroline said...

The boys are darling! Hi, guys, hope you're all doing great. We think of you often! & miss you tons.
Great pics!

oneybunchofoats and other fine things said...

What fun to play in the snow!!!! I don't like it but kids do!

Jim & Lolly Brewer said...

They are "all boys" aren't they. Good video of them. Lolly